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If you are looking for the best of the best — someone who fits your aesthetic, your personality, and your budget — you have come to the right place.

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Whether you are getting married or a local wedding vendor, our main goal...

Who We Are

Megan Ellis has been a member of the Key West wedding community since...

Why Choose Local

As you begin your wedding planning experience, it may seem "easier" to just...


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Who We Are

About Megan

Megan Ellis has been a member of the Key West wedding community since 2010. As a destination wedding photographer, she recognizes the unique challenges that face both the vendors and the couples in the Key West area.

Megan created Plan Your Key West Wedding as a way to easily connect couples with their dream vendors and to help guide them through the destination wedding planning process in a way that isn't overwhelming and frustrating.

With over 19 years of experience in the wedding industry and online marketing, Megan is the perfect person to take the reigns for this new way to plan your Key West wedding.


About the Vendors

Picking your vendors is one of the most time consuming parts of your wedding planning experience.

Not only is it a huge time investment, but a financial one as well.

Finding vendors that fit your aesthetic, your vibe, and your budget is of paramount importance.

All of the vendors found on our website are:
*local (they live full-time in the Florida keys)
*have a local business license
*and are active members of the local community.

Why Choose Local

Why are you getting married in Key West?

Chances are good that you have picked this beautiful little island because you love it — you love the weather, the ambiance, the food, and, of course, the locals that make it the happy, friendly place that it is.

As you begin your wedding planning experience, it may seem “easier” to just bring in vendors from your hometown instead of hiring local. However, we ask that you consider this before doing so.

Getting married in Key West is a part of your story and a part of Key West are the locals that make it what it is. And these locals are the heart and soul of a small and thriving community of people who give it all to live in this little island paradise.

Key West is a special place. But you and I both know that what makes it special is so much more than the weather and the Duval street shenanigans.

What makes it special are the people that live and invest daily in this island community.

So, please, consider supporting this island that you love as you plan your wedding by investing in local vendors.

Local is best

Not only are you supporting the local people and the local economy by picking a vendor from this site BUT you also get the following benefits that an outside perspective won’t get you:

*Insider knowledge – we know where the best of the best is. From secret photo spots to understanding just how to get your hair and makeup to hold up with our crazy humidity, local vendors know it all.

*We know each other. Our community is just that – a tight-knit community of people who work together (and even play together) on the regular. This makes your wedding run even more flawless when we all get along and know how the other works.

*We care. So much of our local economy is based on weddings. We have a deep vested interest in making sure you have a wonderful, memorable experience.

Thank you for choosing local!