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There are many cake flavors for weddings. How do you choose?

Popular Cake Flavors for Weddings

Serving Your Guests Tasty, Key West-Inspired Desserts  Almost everyone has super strong feelings about popular cake flavors for weddings, amiright?  What you love (for myself, I adore red velvet cake)

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Why Choose a Local Vendor?

Here are some thoughts as your plan your destination Key West wedding.

It can be overwhelming and a bit concerning to hire vendors who you haven’t met and don’t live around. Here at Plan Your Key West Wedding, we understand that.

And it was with that in mind that we created this community of like-minded vendors who are devoted to giving you the experience you so totally deserve.

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Created by a long-time Key West resident and wedding photographer Megan Ellis, Plan Your Key West Wedding is the answer to years of frustration with the standard online wedding planning websites.

Not only do a lot of the other websites allow anyone to advertise, but they are honestly confusing and overwhelming for the reader.

The answer? Plan Your Key West Wedding!

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