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  • An online community that creates opportunities 
  • Be seen as a part of a highly valuable network
  • An in-depth (and interesting) profile for couples to view
  • Receive social media shout-outs
  • Advertise promotions and incentives (thru our emails & website)
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We truly work for both you and the couples, giving you multiple opportunities to connect and stand out.


Hey, I'm Megan Ellis Dzielak

Wedding photographer, copywriter, SEO specialist, and long-time Key West resident. #freshwaterconch

As a former wedding vendor in Key West, I saw a huge need for a community-centered way to advertise to prospective couples that was: 

  • for locals only
  • affordable
  • beneficial to both the couple and the vendors

Hence, the idea for Plan Your Key West wedding was born. I wanted to create a website that was valuable, easy-to-use, and, most of all, was NOT a money drain like one of those big, shall-not-be-named corporate websites …. you know who I am talking about.

Planning a wedding is hard for couples. My goal for Plan Your Key West Wedding is to be the go-to source for couples looking to connect with vendors, as well as delivering easy-to-digest advice and ideas.  

And my goal for you is to be your online ally and your conduit for more inquiries and higher visibility.

PYKWW Is focused on These 3 principles


You work, live, and breath all things Key West. And we want you to be seen. Not only does it help the local economy but having local vendors who know the area, the weather, and the other vendors is invaluable to couples.

Making You Look Good

We are a high-value site, meaning we give couples a TON of valuable information, resources, and guidance. When you advertise on our site, this connects you to this value, making you more valuable to prospective couples.

SEO Fringe Benefits

As SEO specialists, we developed this site to ensure that the backlinks on our site will help YOUR site grow separate from ours with organic traffic and higher Google rankings. SEO is the best thing for your business website - and we can prove it.

The PYKWW Difference

You have a lot of different options when it comes to online marketing but not all of them bring you the results you desire or are worth the money that you spend. So what makes us different?

*The cost of an entire year advertising with us is the cost of roughly a month advertising with those other big-name websites.

*We only allow local-only listings so you won’t be competing with outside businesses.  If you aren’t local, you aren’t advertising.  You must have a valid Monroe County License and a local address.  

*We are location-specific to Key West so our audience, and the information we provide, is streamlined and focused. 

*This site is so much more than a listing. We offer multiple ways to get seen, share your business, and to be seen as an expert in your field.  From blog links, social media shout outs, and having opportunities to share your promotions, we have it all covered.  

We are a small business, just like you, and will work to make this the best possible experience for both you and the couples. With over 20 years in the wedding industry, there is no one better to spearhead this website than a former Key West wedding photographer turned copywriter/SEO specialist. 

The Options

As a new business, its important to remember -
this site is going to grow and get even more valuable over time.

For a video on how to create a Free Vendor Listing, click HERE. 

For a video on how to create a Recommended Vendor Listing, click HERE

Free Listing

A Basic Listing
$ 0 Monthly
  • Free listing with business name and phone number
  • Upload one featured image
  • Bottom of the page visibility
  • No website links
  • No SEO value
  • No social media support

Recommended Vendor Listing

Our Most Valuable Option
$ 25 Monthly
  • "Recommended" status for our couples
  • Share indepth and personalized information
  • Showcase a gallery of your work
  • Allow couples to contact you - direct to your inbox
  • Monthly social media shoutouts and sharing of your posts
  • Publish real weddings
  • Get mentions and links in blogs
  • Advertise specials and promotions through our newsletter and on our website
  • Invaluable SEO backlinks
  • Coming Soon: Facebook group for couples & vendors to connect

To advertise on Plan Your Key West Wedding, you must show proof of residency in Monroe County (Key Largo-Key West).
Listings from outside businesses will be removed.

Did You Know....

SEO is your greatest business ally.
Having backlinks from sites like Plan Your Key West wedding does nothing but improve your standing with Google. As an active, highly optimized, and very niched site, your listing will be doing more than just looking pretty on the page.
High traffic count
The phrase "Key West wedding" gets around 2000 searches every single month. Between ppc advertising, organic search results, and social media pushes, we estimate that this site will receive well over 2000 visits per month from people specifically interested in planning a Key West wedding.
Google Loves Us
Google favors active, niched sites - which is why a site devoted solely towards Key West weddings is going to be HUGE!
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Taking your Key West wedding business to the next level.

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