Do You Need a Wedding Website?

As you start planning your Key West wedding, you need to decide - Do you need a wedding website?

An Honest Look at Whether You Need a Wedding Website or Not

As you begin planning for your big day, you may be wondering: Do I need a wedding website? Is it worth my time and effort? Well, yes, especially when planning a destination wedding in Key West.

First of all, what is a wedding website? A wedding website is simply an outlet for crucial information about your wedding to your guests. And you may be thinking – can’t I inform my guests by sending invitations? Well, you can. but let’s be honest, exactly how much info can you put on invites before ruining the designs? 

Enter wedding websites. A wedding website gives guests all the details they wish to know about your wedding details, your wedding party, and, of course, inside information about the destination (Key West!). It allows you to connect and interact with them in more ways than you can imagine.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of a wedding website to give you a clear view of whether you’ll need it and then look at some of the more popular wedding website builders online.

A wedding website is a great way to communicate all of the details about your wedding.

A Guide to Whether You Need a Wedding Website


There are a lot of positives for why you should create a wedding website for your guests and we’ve already looked at a few. Let’s look at these points a bit closer. 

Provides Travel Info for Guests

Talk about a lifesaver! A wedding website is quite handy regarding travel info. With guests from all over, the last thing you want is to be fielding questions from dozens of people regarding the details. . A wedding website allows you to share information about nearby airports, suitable accommodations, and even local activities or attractions they may enjoy during their stay. Think of it like a mini travel guide for your wedding. 

Helps Tell the Story of Your Relationship

Your wedding website is a great way to share your story with your guests.As a couple, remembering how you met and all the moments since then is always a great joy. It’s even better when you’re sharing your story with others.  While those closest to you probably already know the details, more distant — but still important — guests will love getting up to speed before the wedding. 

You can include all the milestones of your relationship on the site — from the first meet cute to the most romantic proposal story. Anything you’d like to share with your guests, you can include. Giving your invitees a glimpse of your love story makes them feel more connected to you, making your big day more special.

You Can Link to Registries and Other Information Sites

With weddings, it’s only common for your guests to have many questions to ask you. It can be quite overwhelming, especially if they require lengthy answers.

What can you do about that?

Put all this information in your wedding website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. A wedding website allows you to link registries and other information sites and relieves you of any unnecessary pressure and stress.

This is a great spot for details like the registry, hotel blocks, and child care options — especially for details that may be a bit tacky to add to the actual invitation.

Start preparing guests for the wedding of the century early (YOURS!) with a wedding website.

Communicate Any Last-minute Changes

We all agree that getting information to guests can be hectic, especially if the information is necessary for last-minute changes. A wedding website allows you to share any crucial info, eliminating the need for countless calls and messages. In case of any last-minute change of plans, you don’t have to panic – just use the site and send out an email blast to inform guests of the update.


But, as with everything in life, there are negatives to creating a wedding website. There aren’t many, but here are a few:

Not Everyone Looks at the Website

Let’s be honest; not all of the guests will be tech-savvy. Some guests prefer traditional ways of communication, like a call or a physical invite. And sometimes, your guests just get busy and forget to look at the site. 

With that in mind, you may have to answer the same questions you already dealt with on the site. 

It Takes Time

The other significant negative?  A wedding website will take time — and we all know your time is valuable while planning a wedding. 

Do you want your website to reflect your unique style and personality? But for that to happen, you may have to spend hours comparing templates, color schemes, and fonts for the platform. It’s like trying to pick the perfect wedding dress, but this time it’s for your website! 

Want to make your work easier? Choose the right platform for you. With the right site, designing and maintaining it is pretty straightforward.

Best Wedding Websites

Are you in search of the best wedding website for you? Here are some of the best wedding websites around:

1. Zola

Zola is a  fantastic wedding planning platform providing stunning website templates and even a free suite of wedding planning tools.

 2. Minted

If modern and elegant is your vibe,  then check out Minted. It offers various templates that are guaranteed to fit your expectations and, as an added bonus, prints invitations and other stationary as well.

3. Joy

Joy is a go-to platform that ensures guests are involved in your planning process.

It is loaded with great features like a guest directory, registries, and an online rsvp program.

4. Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey has gorgeous designs that will wow you for sure. If you’re aiming for sophistication but easy to implement, this platform may come in handy.

Do you need a wedding website?  Ask your self if you want to give yourself more stress (no website) or less.

Start Using a Wedding Website 

As you continue planning for your wedding, make starting a wedding website a priority and make your — and your guests — lives a lot easier!  

As you start your planning, make sure you check out our in-depth collection of vendors and information about planning your Key West wedding.

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Do you really need a wedding website? : Plan Your Key West Wedding
Do you really need a wedding website? : Plan Your Key West Wedding

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