From scooters to trolleys to limos, there are a lot of options for transportation in Key West.
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There can be a lot of moving parts (literally) to a wedding. Having a transportation company helping you with these logistics is always a smart step.

Something that many people fail to consider until the last minute are the transportation options you may need for your wedding. If you and your guests are all staying on the same property as your venue, then this may not be necessary but there are quite a few weddings that do need to find transport. Parking in Key West can be tricky, at best, so we always recommend avoiding driving yourself during your wedding day.

If you are doing an around Key West photo session before your wedding, you’ll need to find a company that can take you and your photographer.  

If you are getting ready off-site from your wedding, you’ll want to find a way to get to the venue. 

And if the majority of your guests are staying apart from the venue, you’ll want to provide a safe way to get them to and from the reception. 

Finding your Key West wedding transportatio has never been easier.

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