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The outside of the Eden House Key West

A Fun and Off-Beat Place for Your Wedding Hotel

Nestled on what is, arguably, the most charming street in Key West, Fleming Street, is the iconic Eden House Hotel. This small art deco hotel is in a great location and is a true staple of the community (it’s been around since 1924). The hotel is a gem — it’s where modernity meets history and eclectic meets comfortable. And it’s a wonderful place to pick as a home base for your Key West wedding weekend. 

I spent 3 nights in the hotel during a slow season on the island and even during a slow time, there was still a wedding group there, greeting each other, celebrating, and getting ready for the weekend festivities. The hotel was also undergoing some pretty extreme renovations which means that, by the time you go, it should be finished for your experience.

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About the Eden House

First of all, why is the Eden House so special? 

Like I mentioned above, the property has been a hotel since 1924. It was originally called the Gibson Hotel. It was also the filming location of the Goldie Hawn movie Criss Cross in 1990 which is pretty fun. There is memorabilia from the movie throughout the hotel, adding to its art deco style. 

The art deco vibe of the Eden House is fun and playful.

The Eden House as a Wedding Hotel

The Eden House can be a great place for you and your guests to stay during your wedding weekend. It is not a fancy hotel with a ton of amenities but it is a comfortable and intimate location that is a way to show your guests a different side of Key West — a side that is unpretentious, slightly funky, and 100% authentic Cayo Hueso.

Hosting a wedding in Key West is different than just planning a vacation. When picking a hotel(s) for your event there are more people you have to think about and more considerations to keep in mind than when you are just planning a weekend away for two.  Let’s look at the Eden House and see if it would be a good fit for your wedding vibe.

Pros of Eden House

It’s Small

Sure, there are any number of larger, more elegant resorts on the island but if your vibe is smaller and more personal, then you should definitely consider the Eden House for your event. 

There are only 18 numbers of rooms on the property. If you plan far enough ahead, you could easily fill up the entire hotel with your closest friends and family. 

Small could easily be a good or bad thing, depending on what is important to you but in my mind, small is charming,  personal, and full of character — which could be exactly the vibe you want for your wedding.

It’s Super Comfortable & Clean

Another massively important part of the Eden House — the rooms are comfortable, clean, and quiet.  

Whether you need a good night’s sleep after a night out on Duval or want to be well-rested for your big day, you want a comfortable bed. And the Eden House definitely offers those. During my stay, I found the beds quite comfortable. 

As well, the rooms are very clean, relatively updated, and a lot of them offer hammock swings or chairs on the patios and balconies, giving you a more private place to relax outside. Both of the rooms I stayed in had microwaves and refrigerators, and one had a Kueirg. 

And, finally,  the rooms seem to be really quiet. I stayed in two different rooms, one of which was by the pool bar, and it was always really quiet and private, which was great.  This isn’t a party hotel to begin with but there was a large group staying at the Eden House and I never heard them coming and going. 

The library area in the Eden House

Public Areas

While limited, the public areas of the Eden House are very nicely done. There is one heated pool (and pool floats) and one hot tub (great for those cool Key West winter nights or rainy days!). It also has a small pool bar that is open for limited hours during the afternoon — strategically offered during the hottest part of the day when you are most likely to be hanging out at the pool. 

There is also a beautiful sundeck for lounging that as of late 2023 was closed but I was assured it would be open soon. And there is a cute little library nook inside the main hotel that adds the most adorable bit of character. 

The pool at the Eden House in Key West

The Staff Is Great

I found the staff at the Eden House to be incredibly kind and accommodating. They were helpful, always greeted you when you entered the lobby or passed them in the hall, and went above and beyond with any requests I had.  They were truly kind and attentive people — exactly the kind of people you would want watching out for you during your wedding weekend.


Let’s talk about the location of the hotel.  Obviously, a lot of the convenience does depend on where exactly you are getting married but the hotel is in the heart of old town Key West.  It is close to all of the fun of Duval and is fairly convenient to most of the island venues.  You’ll probably want to hire transportation to take you and your wedding guests from the hotel to the venue (for safety and ease) but anytime you stay off property from the venue, you’ll probably want to do this. 

It’s on the Affordable Side

While the idea of affordability varies from person-to-person, I found the Eden Hotel to be less expensive than a lot of the other hotels in the area. But I truly didn’t feel like you had to sacrifice your comfort and amenities to save some money. I feel like this hotel was on level with other hotels of a higher price range. 

Cost is always a consideration when you are planning a destination wedding. And while you can maybe justify splurging on an expensive hotel since it is your wedding, not all of your guests may feel the same way. Even if you stay at a more expensive hotel, you may want to offer them a less expensive option that is still a great experience. 

Free Parking

It’s limited but the hotel does offer free parking, which is super hard to find in Key West. I was always able to find a place during my stay and it made my experience so much easier. 


Since absolutely no hotel is perfect, let’s look at the considerations you may need to make in regards to the hotel. 

Smaller Rooms

From my experience, the rooms are a bit on the smaller side. Both rooms that I stayed in were good for one person but didn’t have any closet space or dressers. Neither had a good space for dresses or suits to hang.  All that being said, they do have deluxe rooms and suites that look like there may be closet space for your luggage and dresses. Just make sure you look at what you are booking and make sure there is enough space. 

No Breakfast

Eden House is not a bed and breakfast and they do not offer a breakfast option. They do have coffee and tea in the lobby (24 hours a day) and the famous Azur Restaurant is next door. Azur offers a great brunch seven days a week.  As well, you are within a few blocks walk to some of Key West’s most famous breakfast spots like Pepe’s Cafe and Harpoon Harrys.

Spotty Internet

The internet leaves a bit to be desired on the property. If you are visiting no vacation, this probably isn’t (and really shouldn’t be) an issue. But if you rely on internet for work or those final wedding details, just know it wasn’t the best. I did find that you could get much better service by the pool and in the lobby, so all isn’t lost on the technical side; just be prepared. 

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An outdoor area to relax at the Eden House

For a smaller, more personal experience, you definitely should consider Eden House Hotel for your wedding. Any questions or personal experience?  Leave a comment below! 

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