Popular Cake Flavors for Weddings

There are many cake flavors for weddings. How do you choose?

Serving Your Guests Tasty, Key West-Inspired Desserts 

Almost everyone has super strong feelings about popular cake flavors for weddings, amiright?  What you love (for myself, I adore red velvet cake) and what other’s love, may vary widely. Likewise, what people don’t like (personally, I’m not a fan of lemon cake) varies greatly also. 

When it comes down to it, you may not put much thought into what cake flavor (or flavors) you pick but, fundamentally, your chosen cake flavor is a highly personal decision.  And like your overall wedding theme, there should be some thought put into what cake flavors you offer your wedding guests.  

Having a great cake is the ultimate highlight of your wedding. It should be an extension of your wedding and your personality and should be thought of as the glue that brings everyone together during the reception. 

So beyond deciding on a design and color for the outsider, let’s talk about the part that really matters – the cake flavor. This article highlights what you need to find the right cake flavor and the most popular cake flavors for your wedding (from classic to more trendy tastes). 

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How to Choose the Best Cake Flavors for Weddings

Before we dive into specific cake flavors, here are a few tips to guide you through choosing the perfect wedding cake flavors for your big day. 

Find the Right Baker

First, you need to find a baker who suits your needs and has the right experience in the field. They will prioritize your considerations and find the best flavor combinations for you and your guests.  

Luckily for you, Plan Your Key West Wedding has an ever-growing directory of local bakers who can deliver the most perfect of sweet treats to your wedding. 

Make It Fit YOU!

Like the outside of the cake fits your wedding decor, your wedding cake flavor should compliment your personality as best as possible. If your wedding is luxurious and black tie, a more classic flavor may be fitting. If you are having superbly tropical wedding decor, maybe something like mango or pineapple would be fitting.  Or maybe you had a wonderful chocolate cake on your first date and want to carry the tradition to your wedding. 

Ask yourself, what cake flavor would have a spark of personality for the wedding? 

Consider What You and Your Guests Love

At the day’s end, there is no wrong option, especially if you love your choices. Fundamentally, that is all that really matters. Furthermore, your guests’ opinions on the matter would be insightful. However, only ask a chosen few to avoid being overwhelmed by trying to please everyone.

And, in consideration of your guests, get dietary restrictions from all your guests to accommodate their limitations. If you have several gluten free people, consider having some cupcakes to give them a sweet surprise. That way, everyone can enjoy a little piece of heaven.

Have a Tasting! 

Make sure you have a tasting before you decide on a flavor. On a pre-wedding visit to Key West, schedule a visit with a bakery or three and try a few from each. Don’t be scared to try new or unexpected flavors!  You may be surprised at what you like best. 

How About Seasonal Inspirations?

Are you having your wedding in winter, autumn, spring, or summer? Juicy berries or flowery flavors will always be a good touch for spring.  Something cooling will be fitting for summer. 

As for winter and fall, a hint of pumpkin or gingerbread will add a nice touch to the wedding. Think of the season as you plan and consider adding a touch of that to your cake flavors. 

Have a Variety

If you can’t narrow it down to just one flavor, remember that no one ever complained about having multiple cake options at a wedding. Having a multi-tiered cake means possibly having multiple flavors. Or go with cupcakes for a truly wide array of options. 

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Wedding Flavors Examples and Combinations

Here are some wedding cake flavors that can work for you any day:


This flavor is a classic, and, although some people say it is boring or plain, you can never go wrong with it.  Furthermore, it is one of the flavors that can go along with other flavors, including fruits, flowers, coffee, chocolate, caramel, and liqueurs. Consider vanilla to achieve that universal taste all your guests will enjoy. 


This is another classic flavor you can use to achieve a sweet or bittersweet taste for your cake. However, the taste largely depends on the chocolate type; for example, you can have dark, white, German, and more. The best flavors to add to a chocolate cake are caramel, vanilla, liqueurs, coffee, and berries.

Plus, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Lemon or Lime

The tart and zest in lemon and lime have never been more complementary, especially for your Key West wedding. Take advantage of the local key limes to achieve a tangy taste that all your guests can appreciate. Combinations that work well with these flavors are anything creamy, berries, vanilla, and more.

Olive Oil

This is a unique yet welcome option for a truly different taste. Your baker should know how to balance this flavor with many others, including citrus, figs, roses, Earl Gray, and nuts.

Spice Cakes

Be it cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, or ginger, the combinations for spices are endless. They offer seasonal scents and a vibe that everyone will appreciate. Some favorite combinations are apple, pumpkin, vanilla, cream, cheese, nuts, maple syrup, and more.

Liqueur Cake

A hint of buzz lies within the joys of liqueur cakes, including whiskey, rum, cognac, and champagne. If you decide on this path, keep the cake away from children. Some good combinations for these flavors include citrus, chocolate, caramel, coffee, banana, apple, and more. 

Nothing says Key West like a good old-fashioned liqueur cake.

But Wait, There’s More

It is important to note that every combination on this short list is a possible flavor for your wedding cake. However, others we haven’t mentioned include red velvet, funfetti, buttercup, coconut, s’mores, carrot cake, mint, cherry, cookies, and so much more.

Are you hungry yet? 

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Finding the Perfect Cake Flavors for Your Key West Wedding

After a hectic planning season for your wedding, there will be nothing better than enjoying the literal icing on the cake. Capturing the moment with the right flavors is the best way to achieve this for you and your guests. 

Plan Your Key West Wedding is dedicated to providing you with the best combinations for a delicious dessert for your guests. Furthermore, we can connect you with the best bakers in Key West to make your planning experience easier.  


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